Deskera eClaims is an innovative new claims management system that offers you automated processes for claims management in Singapore, which reduces your effort for claims processing, and provides you a paperless environment for managing employee claims. It provides you fully integrated workflow distribution for efficient claims tracking, processing and document management. Deskera eClaims empowers your organization with effective management of employee claims by recording, monitoring, tracking and evaluating employee claims.

Deskera E-CLAIMS - Key Features

Paperless eClaims Workflow

Eliminate all manual work and paperwork by sending online claim requests. Minimize the cost of paper waste by automating online claim applications and approval workflow via the web.

Automate Claims Requests and Approvals

All staff claims requests are automatically routed to their manager for approval. Managers can approve/reject with just a click.

Intuitive Dashboard for eClaims Updates and Reports

Receive real-time snapshots of employees’ claims application status. It provides instant claims updates and reports for all levels of staff, inclusive of management.

Generate Comprehensive Reports

Track, monitor and evaluate employee claims with intuitive reports. Identify claims pending, approved, rejected and total claimed amount by employees at any point in time for your organization.

Customize eClaims Approval Rules

Configure claims approval rules for the processing of all the claims requests for your organization. Configure claims periods, e-claims approving authority, and manage all claims-associated features for your organization.

Analyze eClaim Trends

Comprehensive reporting feature helps to track and analyze the claims trends among employees. Monitor employees’ claims and take proactive measures to manage the resources.

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